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"I can only give you love that lasts forever
And a promise to be near each time you call,
And the only heart I own
For you and you alone,
That's all, that's all.
All I have are these arms to enfold you
And a love time can never destroy.

Say it's me that you'll adore
For now and ever more,
That's all
That's all."
Behind closed doors, something else goes on

I swear this will be my last post about the “tags”, because I said to myself “I will ignore everyone, haters gonna hate” but I keep seeing post that we have made up all this story basing on nothing (and said by the fandom that created from nothing a whole relationship it’s pretty hilarious), anyway, I keep seeing this posts and I can’t stop myself, because I love you all guys, and I know that we are obnoxious sometimes (okay we are very obnoxious!) but this time we are not.

Warning: this will be the less obnoxious post I have ever done, I’ll try to be realistic and to analize the facts.

It’s your choice to read! ahah

Darren’s vine on Vine:

The description is the same. After this was posted there was a huge riot because we all thought that this was Chris’ trailer, riot followed by hate messages that said “You are delusional, all the trailers are the same!” followed by the amazing CSI TUMBLR that proved that not all the trailer are the same, and with proofs that other cast members’ trailers are different. This was a huge riot, we talked about this for days, don’t tell me that Angry Bird didn’t know everything, because you know that are bullshit, he’s watching us, he is like the Big Brother.


Two months after (I think it’s two months? Anyway, months after) Darren (I will say that Darren posted the video, but could be another person) post this vine on youtube:

The description is the same. I think that he has this video saved in his computer with this description, because is exactly the same and I don’t think that he has re-wrote it. But he had the need to add the tags.

Now the tags:






The strange fact with these tags is that people who are not in the fandom don’t understand their meaning and don’t understand why he tagged the video in this way, because, lets be honest, they had nothing to do with the video. So you can’t say that I’m being obnoxious when the only way I can understand is referring to what we know (see above).

IF it’s Darren who posted the video I’m 100% sure that the tags “amazing” and “wonderful” don’t refer to the video. It’s Darren, the man who said that he’s not good enough to be on Broadway, and I’m sorry but I can’t see him tag a video where he does a warmup with the word “amazing” and “wonderful” referring to himself. It’s just not him

IF it’s him, these tags plus “crush” could refer to Vine, because he had a blast when he discovered the app, and so Vine is wonderful, amazing, and he has a crush for it.

IF it’s not Darren who posted the video all the tags could refer to him. Because he’s amazing and wonderful and everyone has a crush on him and everyone loves him, but someone more than the others, because they had the need to write it not one, but two times.

Now #iloveyou and #loveyou IF it’s Darren:

Is he expressing his love for Vine? And why “I love you" and not "I love it”? 

And more important, why is THIS the only video with tags?

You can think that it’s not the same trailer, but the fact that there was a speculation that it could be the same makes me think, they knew that and they did it anyway.

Why Darren had the need to tag it with “I love you”? And again, we are not the only ones that doesn’t understand the meaning of these tags if they are not referred to Crisscolfer, also people who aren’t in the fandom don’t understand why.

There was no reason to add the tag,  whoever did it knew what we would all thought, knew that the riot could happen, and they did it anyway.
So yes, excuse if I’m trying to understand things that are not clear, excuse me if I’m not buying what THEY want me to think, excuse me if I’m trying to think with my own head, excuse me if sometimes I’m obnoxious, but really this time all I’m using is logic.
And my logic says that the “I love yous” were unnecessary and whoever wrote it, did it with the awareness that we would have linked it to Crisscolfer and they did not give a damn.
I’m sorry for the rant.

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